Fuel Cell Breath Alcohol Wand Tester EA 01

Sensor: 8mm Fuel Cell Electrochemical sensor
Measuring Time: Adjustable in 1~15 Seconds
Sensitivity: 1mg/100mL BAC
Measuring Range:0-200mg/100L BAC
Display Screen: 1.29 Inch OLED Full Color Display
Supply Electricity:18650-3000mAh lithium Battery



Digital Breath Alcohol Wand Tester EA 01(with Electrochemical sensor)

-Digital Breath Alcohol Wand Tester EA 01(with Electrochemical sensor)

EA 01
The parameter nameSpecification
 Quick diagnosis, automatic detection
 Air Pumping
Continuous pumping suction, maintaining continuous vacuum during operation, with the ability to pause as needed during measurement.
 Measuring Range 0~200mg/100mLBAC
Measurement Unitmg/L(BAC)、mg/mL (BAC) optional
Display ModeA1.29-inch OLED color Display
Operation FormMenu type
Push-buttonFour buttons: police light button, Alcohol detection
button, Lighting button, whistle button, four-button
function is independent
 Certainty of
A. When the blowing distance is less
than 5cm: ±5.0mg /100mL
 B. Air blowing distance
of 5~10cm: ±6.0mg /100mL
C. Air blowing distance
is greater than 10cm: ±10.0mg/
MT Adjustable in 1~15 seconds
Ambient Condition Operating temperature
range: 0~50 degrees
 Environmental humidity: 20~98%
pressure: 600 ~ 1,400 hPa
Battery18650 lithium battery:4.35V/300mAh,
can continuously test wine for more
than 500 times
 Weight263g (includes the battery)
Normal operation:120mA,
light on: 300mA
Sensor 8mm fuel cell sensor
Flashlight FunctionBright white light
The Baton FunctionRed and blue light is often bright,
strobe,interactive flash function can
be arbitrarily switched over
SizeLength * diameter: 261mm * 45mm
Power Saving ModeThe instrument is automatically shut down for 5 minutes under the drinking test state,and the flashlight and baton mode are not automatically shut down
Professional Digital Alcohol Tester

Professional Digital Alcohol Tester

Automatic Fuel cell Alcohol Tester

Automatic Fuel cell Alcohol Tester