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Shelleyes S-eye body worn camera  acts as an objective recorder, giving frontline officers the tools they need and want and also providing original evidences from the police officer’s standpoint.

Shelleyes body camera offers incredible durability features, meeting military specifications, to withstand any climate.

Body Worn Camera S-Eye (1)

Powerful Features from A Professional Police Body Worn Camera Manufacturer

  • 1296P Super HD Video Recording;
  • No LCD Screen;
  • Support GPS & WiFI Function;
  • IP67 Waterproof;
  • AES & RSA Video Encryption
  • Front Button with LED Indicator

Shelleyes body-worn camera supply body cameras and evidence software to police, bank, and private security.

Evidence Management Software for Your BWC

  • Collection
    Collect videos&photos from Shelleyes cameras
  • Management
    Manage all data uploaded onto the PC.
Shelleyes Body worn camera management software