In the April 2024 firmware update, S7 adds a ‘guest mode’ : Guest Mode (On/Off), after the S7 screen is turned off and disabled, except for intercom button, SOS button, night vision button, all other keys will be disabled, at this time, you can not shut down through the button, only when the S7 is connected to cam manager, power off can only be turned off through cam manager’s “Power Off” function, or by turning off guest mode through Cam manager.

The Guest Mode is added to the law enforcement recorder, which can have a variety of scenarios and uses in practical applications.

1. ** Protect privacy and security ** : When law enforcement personnel need to contact the public or enter private places for investigation, opening the visitor mode can ensure that the screen of law enforcement recorder is off and most of the buttons are disabled, preventing others from viewing or tampering with the video content without permission, so as to protect the privacy and security of the parties and relevant evidence.

2. ** Integrity of evidence ** : In the process of law enforcement, sometimes criminals may try to interfere with or destroy law enforcement recorders. Enabling the guest mode can limit operation permissions, ensure the integrity and authenticity of the video, and prevent evidence from being tampered with or deleted.

3. ** Safety in emergency situations ** : In the face of dangerous situations or emergency situations, law enforcement officers may be forced to shut down or destroy law enforcement recorders. Through the visitor mode, even if the law enforcement officer loses control, others can not turn off the device at will, thus ensuring the safety of law enforcement officers and the stable operation of the equipment.

4. Limit the scope of use by law enforcement personnel, so that the camera can keep working after being turned on by law enforcement personnel until the camera is returned to the management center.

In general, the introduction of visitor mode adds more security and convenience to law enforcement recorders, which can play an important role in a variety of practical scenarios to ensure the safety of law enforcement officers and evidence, and improve law enforcement efficiency and reliability.