big storage-bodycamera

The S4 body camera offers a 64GB version, providing ample storage capacity for law enforcement professionals.

The storage capacity for video length varies depending on different resolutions and video encoding modes. The table below lists the video lengths that can be stored for each resolution and encoding mode.


The significant storage capacity of the 64GB version of the S4 body camera offers several benefits to law enforcement officers. Firstly, it allows for extended recording times, ensuring that crucial evidence is captured without the need for frequent data transfers or storage management. Additionally, the ability to store a large volume of footage can aid in investigations, providing comprehensive documentation of events for review and analysis.

Regarding the discrepancy between the labeled 64GB capacity and the actual available storage space, this is a common occurrence due to system requirements and formatting. The operating system and pre-installed software on the device occupy a portion of the storage, leaving less than the advertised 64GB for user data. Despite this, the ample storage capacity still provides law enforcement professionals with the necessary space to store critical video evidence effectively.