AES Body Worn Camera

RSA and AES Encryption For Body Camera


RSA is an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm to encrypt and decrypt message. Asymmetric means that there are two different keys- Public Key to encrypt data while Private Key to decrypt data. However, RSA is not suitable for large data, such as Video.

AES(Advanced Encryption Standard) is a symmetric block cipher to protect classified information. It use only one key to encrypt and decrypt the data(Video). So, it is not secure to keep the key by hardware provider.

Considering both encryption advantage, Shelleyes engineering team conbines these Two methods, and put into use in our latest body camera S Eye.End user can keep their private key, which is the only one can view video encrypted by random code.  This is the most secure camera in the world.

Also, Shelleyes developed dedicated software to view the encrypted video. What’s more, it supports track playback function.

RSA and AES Body Camera Player

RSA and AES Body Camera Player