Bluetooth trigger on trigger guard holster

Bluetooth Holster Trigger Instruction

Calibration mode: (can only be operated once after leaving the factory)
  1. Mount the HT01 to the holster and pull out the weapon (metal).
  2. Press and hold the LED button for 3-5 seconds. LED blinks red to indicate the HT01 is in calibration mode
  3. Insert the weapon (metal) back into the holster. LED lights red for 3 seconds to indicate the calibration is complete
  4. Press the LED button once to return to BLE host mode.
BLE host mode:
  1. Press the LED button once to turn on the HT01. LED blinks blue twice to indicate the HT01 has detected a weapon (metal)
    (If the HT01 does not detect metal within 30 minutes, it will automatically shut down)
  2. When the weapon (metal) is pulled out from the holster(LED blinks blue once), the HT01 will send a Bluetooth signal to activate the body camera in the power-on state within 5 meters to start recording.